AETI Strategic Positioning with all 6 goals listed.

AETI Strategic Plan

Strategic Goal 1

Graduation cap icon

Prepare thoughtful, informed, marketable individuals for careers in agricultural education, technology, innovation and related fields.                                   

Goal Area: Graduates

Strategic Goal 2

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Prepare individuals to plan, deliver, and advance agriculture, food, natural resources, and related content. 

Goal Area: Curriculum                                                                           


Strategic Goal 3

Icon of a hand holding a wrench with a mechanical gear in the background.

Advance knowledge of and competencies in agricultural technology and systems through implementation, maintenance, and management.

Goal Area: Curriculum

Strategic Goal 4

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Be the principal platform in CALES for entrepreneurial leadership and innovation to include students, faculty, and community stakeholders.

Goal Area: Curriculum

Strategic Goal 5

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Contribute to the knowledge base in the agricultural education, technology and innovation profession.                                                                  

Goal Area: Research

Strategic Goal 6

Circle icon showing a person, clock, and money symbol.

Generate sufficient resources to sustain and advance program goals.                                                                                                                                    

Goal Area: Finance