Getting Started

Whether you are a current CASE certified teacher or interested in becoming certified, we are incredibly excited for you to be a part of the journey within CASE curriculum. ​

The first step in becoming involved with CASE is attending an upcoming CASE institute. These institutes are opportunities for teachers to learn and practice CASE curriculum activities assisted by CASE lead teachers. Several institutes are available throughout the year and are updated as registration opens on the national CASE website. A condensed BriefCASE may also be available for select pathways. The majority of institutes have a limit of 20 participants. 

If you are currently certified, request access here to view extended documents and downloads.

Meet Our CASE Certified Teachers and Teacher Educators

Countless agricultural teachers across Arizona have become certified in CASE curriculum and can serve as a great resource for learning more about CASE. The list below also includes CASE affiliate professors at the University of Arizona. Congratulations to our 72 teachers and teacher educators who have achieved certification!


Instructional Videos

The instructional videos below are for Vernier LabQuest Sensor use. All of the videos are designed for both teacher use and student use. Ideally, a teacher could play the tutorial video in class or assign to students to watch independently so they can learn how to use each type of sensor. All of the Vernier equipment in AFNR curriculum (found in AFNR purchasing manual under the Vernier tab) will have its own video recorded by Joshua Troub. He will explain in a fun and engaging way and show the activity step by step.