Faculty and Staff

Department Faculty and Staff

Celeste Atkins

Department Faculty

Instructional Designer, Digital Learning

Baleshka Brenes

Departmental Faculty

Director of Agricultural Programs, UA Yuma

Jamie Deconcini

Departmental Faculty

AETI Instructional Specialist


Jeremy Elliot-Engel Headshot

Jeremy Elliot-Engel

Departmental Faculty

Director of 4-H Youth Development

Dr. Edward Franklin Headshot

Edward Franklin

Departmental Faculty

Associate Professor, Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation

Tanya Hodges

Regional Coordinator

UA Yuma

Deborah Huie

Departmental Faculty

Administrative Assistant

Angela Kaczowka Headshot

Angela Kaczowka

Departmental Faculty

Assistant Professor of Practice

Matt Lewis

Matthew Lewis

Departmental Faculty

Assistant Professor of Practice, Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation

Jonathan Link Headshot

Jonathan Link

Student Recruiter/Lecturer

AGTM Laboratory Instruction

Dr. Matt Mars Heashot

Matt Mars

Departmental Faculty

Associate Professor

Fellow, Cardon Academy of Teaching Excellence

Director, CALS Career Center

Quintin Molina's Headshot

Quintin Molina

Departmental Faculty

Associate Professor of Practice

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Lisa Napoleon Salgado's Headshot

Lisa Napoleon Salgado

Summer Session Instructor

Ethan Orr's Headshot

Ethan Orr

Extension Associate Specialist

Amber Rice

Departmental Faculty

Associate Professor

Director of Graduate Studies

Emre Toker's headshot

Emre Toker

Mentor in Residence

Robert Torres

Department Head


Neely Family Endowed Professor for Excellence in Agriculture and Life Sciences

CALS Bart Cardon Teaching Fellow