Angela Kaczowka

Assistant Professor of Practice

Angela Kaczowka Headshot


Angela Kaczowka is an Assistant Professor of Practice in the Department of Agricultural Education, Technology and Innovation at The University of Arizona. Angela received her M.S degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and her research is predominantly focused on both plant ecology and higher education. She is particularly interested in researching the experiences of STEM graduate students and their identity development. Outside of work, Angela likes to spend her time gardening, weight lifting, tinkering with Arduino, and supporting Tucson Roller Derby.

Teaching Responsibilities

AED 150A1 Learn to Teach to Learn

AED 210 Resiliency & Human Potential


Burns, J. H., Brandt, A. J., Murphy, J. E., Kaczowka, A. M., & Burke, D. J. (2017). Spatial heterogeneity of plant-soil feedbacks increases per capita reproductive biomass of species at an establishment disadvantage. OECOLOGIA, 183(4), 1077-1086.