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About the CASE Teaching Laboratory

CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) is an initiative of the National Council for Agricultural Education and managed by the National Association of Agricultural Educators (NAAE). The University of Arizona AETI department offers CASE training and certification to all preservice agricultural education teachers in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) and Agribusiness Foundations (ABF) curriculums. CASE empowers preservice teachers with industry guided and inquiry-based agriscience curriculum sustained by meaningful professional development. Students in AED 496D/596D are trained in CASE curriculum during the fall of their senior year and are able to utilize this curriculum during their student teaching internship experience and when they obtain their first employment as an agriscience teacher. Since Fall 2017, The University of Arizona AETI department has provisionally certified 32 preservice teachers in CASE AFNR through guidance from lead teachers Dr. Amber Rice and Mr. Quintin Molina and support from National CASE. For more information on the CASE Teaching Laboratory, please contact Dr. Rice at

CASE Institute

Flyer for the 2021 CASE ANFR Institute.

Thank you to those who joined us for our 2021 virtual CASE AFNR Institute and 2022 CASE ASP Institute!

2021 CASE by the Numbers

2020 CASE Cohort in class.

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CASE Cohorts

The 5 members of the 2020 CASE Cohort.

Reading Strategies Handouts

Front page of the CASE Reading Strategy Handout document.

Reading strategies handouts for the 2018, 2019, and 2020 cohorts.