Life Sciences Education Minor

No prerequisite course requirements!

Dr. Torres with students at a teach agriculture student event.
Teaching Emphasis student performs an experiment in the CASE Teaching Laboratory.
Students in ALC 409 participating in a team building exercise.

The AETI Life Sciences Education Minor is designed to meet the needs of students who are interested in pursuing a leadership role in an educational setting outside of the traditional classroom environment.  Students in the Minor will be able to facilitate the exchange of key ideas and practices learned and developed via their major course of study. 


Complete the following courses: 

AED 301 Youth Leadership Development 
AED 437 Methods of Facilitating Learning 
AED 438 Teaching of Secondary School Agricultural Science 
AED 450 Total Program Development
AED 462 Curriculum Development
AED 439 Internship




Students interested in declaring a minor in AGTE must meet with an academic advisor in the Department of Agricultural Education Technology and Innovation. 

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