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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Please visit the national CASE website if you have further questions regarding CASE and/or institutes.

There are 10 courses currently available through CASE including: Introduction to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (ANFR), Principles of Agriculture Science - Animals (ASA), Agriculture Power and Technology (APT), Natural Resource and Ecology (NRE), Animal and Plant Biotechnology (APB), Food Science and Safety (FSS), Environmental Science Issues (ESI), Agricultural Research and Development (ARD), and Mechanical Systems in Agriculture (MSA). 

Many teachers who are utilizing CASE nationwide supplement areas that are specific to their local communities, student interest, teacher interest, resource availability, etc. CASE is NOT designed to replace traditional agricultural education programs, but instead provide an agricultural curriculum grounded in science concepts. As with any curriculum, teachers are allowed to adapt and change as they see fit once they receive certification. 

You are NOT required to take the AFNR CASE institute first. The University of Arizona is offering AFNR for a few reasons: 1) it is the introduction course and applicable to a wider range of Arizona teachers, 2) UA is currently providing instruction to the preservice teachers through a college course and want to provide the same opportunity to practicing teachers, and 3) UA has the supplies necessary to host an AFNR institute. 

Arizona State CASE Executive Committee

Dr. Amber Rice

  • National CASE Executive Committee Region | Representative
  • National CASE Advisory Committee, Arizona Representative
  • CASE Institute Host, AFNR, BriefCASE ABF.
  • CASE Lead Teacher, AFNR, ABF




Bruce Watkins

National CASE Advisory Committee, Arizona Representative 





Melissa Veo

National CASE Advisory Committee, Arizona Representative