Agricultural Technology Education Center building at the Campus Agricultural Center.

Agricultural Technology Education Center

About the Agricultural Technology Education Center

The Agricultural Technology Education Center (ATEC) is our classroom and laboratory teaching facility located at the UArizona Campus Agricultural Center where our AGTM lecture and laboratory courses are offered. The classroom seats 24 students. The laboratory is equipped with arc welding and oxywelding & cutting stations and equipment, an automated plasma arc cutting system, wood working equipment, and work space for students to engage in activities including two- and four-stroke small engine operation, disassembly & reassembly, both DC and AC electrical wiring activities, plumbing and irrigation activities, concrete mixing & pouring activities, solar PV energy system activities, tractor and ag equipment operation, topographic map reading, and land surveying. Each course includes one hour lecture, and six hours of laboratory per week. For more information about the ATEC, contact Dr. Edward Franklin at


Courses at the Agricultural Technology Education Center 

AGTM 100  Principles and Practices of Agricultural Mechanics
AGTM 200  Solar Photovoltaic Energy Systems with Applications to Agriculture
AGTM 330  Turf and Landscape Technology
AGTM 350  Applications in Agricultural Mechanics
AGTM 351  Operations in Agricultural Mechanization

View video clips of our fall 2019 AGTM 100 students showing off their new swag after the Ag Health Alliance Gear Up for Safety class presentation during the first week of class here!

A student's hand wiring a light switch.
A student welding in an AGTM course.
Tool wall in the ATEC.

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