Agricultural Technology Management and Education Minor

No prerequisite course requirements!

Students participating in team building activity in ALC 409
Dr. Torres and a guest speaker in AED295B
A class of students focusing on a lecture.

The Agricultural Tech Management and Education (AGTE) Minor is designed to engage students in leadership, communication, and educational strategies. These strategies will prepare young professionals for a successful career experience. 


Complete the following courses: 

ALC 437 Methods of Facilitating Learning 
ALC 409 Team and Organizational Leadership
ALC 411 Principles and Applications of Organizational Innovation
ALC 422 Communicating Knowledge in Agriculture and the Life Sciences


Select eight units from the following: 

AED 195A Introduction to Agricultural Education (1 Credit)
AED 210 Resiliency & Human Potential 
AED 295B Heritage and Traditions of the University of Arizona (2 Credits)
AED 301 Youth Leadership Development
AED 408 Diversity Issues in Contemporary Society
AGTM 100 Principles and Practices of Agricultural Mechanization 
AGTM 330 Turf and Landscape Technology
AGTM 351 Operations in Agricultural Mechanics 
AGTM 350 Application in Agricultural Mechanics 
ALC 309 Leadership Principles and Practices
ALC 410 Entrepreneurial Leadership in Agriculture and the Life Sciences 
ALC 493 Internship 

Other minor requirements: 

  • A minimum of 18 units are required in the minor.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required in the minor coursework.
  • A minimum of 3 units in the minor must be taken at the University of Arizona.
  • A minimum of 9 upper division units are required in the minor.




Students interested in declaring a minor in AGTE must meet with an academic advisor in the Department of Agricultural Education Technology and Innovation. 

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