Strategic Goal 4

Be the principal platform in CALES for entrepreneurial leadership and innovation to include students, faculty, and community stakeholders.

Gap Analysis: Current Versus Desired Situation 


  • Capacity in both terms of scope and scale is robust given the addition of courses created (ALC 196A, ALC 514, ALC 497/597) in combination with those previously established (ALC 409/509, ALC 410/510, ALC 411/511) 
  • Enrollment growth, both in terms of courses and degree, has not followed course creation 


  • Enrollment growth both in terms of new AETI majors (leadership & communication emphasis) and course enrollments of non-AETI majors
  • Revenue generation to advance curriculum experiences
  • Partnerships within the College (e.g., SNRE, AREC, Norton) and beyond (e.g., PAH RLR emphasis)
  • DLC "integration" with entrepreneurial mindset course
  • Grant contributions 

Strategies to achieve goal:

  1. Initiate a robust professional marketing and promotion strategy.

  2. Establish new and expand existing intra- and inter-college partnerships.

  3. Create new and expand existing revenue streams.

  4. Expand and enhance ALC curricular reach and offerings.

  5. Investigate opportunities to advance undergraduate and graduate instruction in high needs areas.

Actions to Achieve Goal: 

  • Establish international program(s) to provide students with international experiences. (FY25)

  • Integrate ALC courses with degree programs outside of AETI. (FY25)

  • Secure third-party expertise on marketing and promotion strategies (contract-based marketing initiatives). (FY22)

  • Increase curriculum space within Arizona Online. (FY22) 

  • Increase marketing and awareness of curriculum and/or career pathways. (Ongoing)

  • Identify and articulate the essential competencies associated and desired for this curriculum path. (FY22) 

Inputs needed to achieve the goal: 

  • Marketing expertise

  • Program-specific recruitment and online advising

  • Professional grant writing support

Objective Metrics that will be used to track progress towards attaining goal:

  • Increase in number of students in ALC courses and leadership & communication degree program.

  • Establish consulting arrangement with a marketing agency.

  • Number of curricular partnerships in place and grant applications submitted that specifically involve ALC course delivery.

  • Number of online ALC course deliveries & associated amounts of revenue generated.

  • Number of new sections of existing ALC courses added and/or increase in seats available and filled in existing ALC course offerings.