Strategic Goal 5

Contribute to the knowledge base in the agricultural education, technology and innovation profession.

Gap Analysis: Current Versus Desired Situation 


  • Low, nonexistent financial support for social science research
  • Not recognized for social science research


  • The faculty will be known for research in the social sciences 
  • Research faculty maintain an active research program leading to dissemination of findings 

Strategies to achieve goal:

  1. Establish an extensive and dynamic research program among faculty with research appointments.

  2. Align departmental research initiatives with professional association research priorities.

  3. Mentor graduate students in planning, implementing, and dissemination of research.

Actions to Achieve Goal: 

  • Seek intra/extra mural funding for research. (Ongoing)

  • Increase and publish research findings in journals, posters, and papers. (Ongoing)

  • Promote the dissemination of research findings through one-page research synopses, publicizing research with stakeholders, and increasing efforts to discuss research via platforms including podcasts and informal publications. (Ongoing)

  • Seek increased funding to support expanding Graduate Teaching Assistant positions for all curriculum areas within AETI. (Ongoing) 

Inputs needed to achieve the goal:

  • Research Faculty FTE

  • Six graduate research assistantships

  • Grant assistance personnel

Objective Metrics that will be used to track progress towards attaining goal.

  • Increase the level of research activity within the department establishing 2-3 research multidisciplinary research teams within the University and nationally within five years.

  • Increase the number of referred publications and presentations by 10% within five years (FY25) and 30% within 10 years (FY30).

  • Seek extramural funding ($250k) via federal and state grants, as well as private business sponsorships to sustain 3 to 5-year research projects.