Strategic Goal 6

Generate sufficient resources to sustain and advance program goals.

Gap Analysis: Current Versus Desired Situation 


  • Limited student scholarship opportunity
  • Need for facility and equipment update and repairs
  • Financing required to expand recruitment, retention, research, and course offerings
  • Lack of marketing and promotion of curriculum, research, and service outcomes


  • Increased scholarship opportunities for students
  • Adequate resources to update and maintain facilities and equipment required to deliver contemporary instruction related to agricultural education, technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation
  • Leverage cooperation and collaboration with other researchers, agencies, and philanthropists 

Strategies to achieve goal:

  1. Create and implement a five-year development plan.

  2. Enhance relationship with alumni and engage alumni in development effort.

  3. Pursue revenue generating opportunities through summer, distance, and online instruction.

  4. Partner with private sectors, non-profit sectors, and/or private foundations in support of teaching, research, and outreach.

  5. Secure financial resources for student scholarships.

  6. Cultivate relationships with stakeholders, agencies, business, industry, and organizations.

Actions to Achieve Goal: 

  • Create and implement a five-year development plan; work closely with CALES Development office team members. (Ongoing)

  • Pursue revenue generating opportunities through summer, distance, and online instruction. (Ongoing)

  • Seek funding for research by participating in grant funding. (Ongoing)

  • Increase and publish research findings in journals, posters, and papers. (Ongoing)

  • Promote within CALES the published research findings. (Ongoing)

Inputs needed to achieve the goal:

  • Faculty and business staff

  • Six graduate research assistants

  • Grant assistant personnel

  • CALES Foundation assistance

Objective Metrics that will be used to track progress towards attaining goal:

  • Avoid deficit spending.

  • Generate instructional revenue of $150k annually from instructional revenue.

  • Generate indirect cost through grants and contracts of $2k.

  • Invest in curriculum activities and faculty to increase SCH and instructional revenue.