Strategic Goal 3

Advance knowledge of and competencies in agricultural technology and systems through implementation, maintenance, and management.

Gap Analysis: Current Versus Desired Situation 


  • Aging laboratory facilities
  • Need for equipment repair and replacement 
  • Untapped use of industry and business partnerships
  • Expanded AGTM course offering
  • AGTM course enrollment remains high in majority of courses each semester
  • One faculty instructs AGTM lecture/laboratory courses


  • Expanded contemporary and multi-functional laboratory facilities
  • State of the art equipment and tools to deliver experiential experience 
  • Engage industry and business partnerships
  • Expand facilities to address dynamic curriculum content 
  • Increase number of teaching faculty in AGTM courses
  • Further expand the AGTM curriculum into emerging technologies including Precision Agriculture

Strategies to achieve goal:

  1. Partner with business and industry to leverage resources to maintain curriculum relevance.

  2. Create a safe laboratory environment equipped with essential machinery, tools, and supplies.

  3. Identify potential industry partners and establish relationships for internships, post graduate placement, sponsorships, and other funding opportunities.

  4. Secure funding to replace, repair, and purchase laboratory equipment and supplies.

  5. Investigate opportunities to advance undergraduate and graduate instruction in high needs areas.

Actions to Achieve Goal:

  • Explore strategic alliances with business and industry to showcase equipment, tools, and supplies to students enrolled in AGTM courses. (FY25) 

  • Apply for UA GreenFunds that align with current curriculum competencies. (FY25)

  • Develop and maintain a record of potential industry partners who can provide internship, prospective placement occupations, and funding opportunities. (Ongoing)

  • Maintain an up-to-date inventory of equipment, tools, and supplies. (FY25)

  • Work closely with CALES Development office to secure funding to expand and maintain safe laboratory facility. (Ongoing)

  • Establish a partnership with the WakWay Foundation to support efforts to integrate the teaching of Precision Ag/agriculture drone operations in ATGM courses. (FY25)

  • Increase marketing and awareness of curriculum and/or career pathways. (Ongoing)

  • Identify and articulate the essential competencies associated and desired for this curriculum path. (FY22)

  • Work with the departments of Plant Science, Entomology, Food Safety, and AETI to develop a distance master’s program. (FY23)

Inputs needed to achieve the goal:

  • Faculty and staff

  • Operational and consumable resources

  • Collaboration with other CALES units, business and industry partners

  • Stakeholder group support

  • Marketing and promotion materials

Objective Metrics that will be used to track progress towards attaining goal:

  • To increase the number of industry partners by 10% each year.

  • To maintain 90% functionality of essential machinery, tools, and supplies.

  • To expand and or modify curriculum offerings to be consistent with the market demand.