Strategic Goal 2

Prepare individuals to plan, deliver and advance agriculture, food, natural resources, and related content.

Gap Analysis: Current Versus Desired Situation 


  • Prepare school-based agricultural education (SBAE) teachers
  • SBAE programs growing in Arizona
  • Sole SBAE teacher prep program in Arizona
  • ADE alternate certified short-term solution to the growing need for CTE teachers
  • Loss of CTE philosophy for program delivery from alternatively certified CTE teachers


  • Become the premier provider of certifiable SBAE teachers for Arizona and neighboring states
  • Maintain a highly engaged and needs-based teacher preparation curriculum and instruction
  • Produce an abundant supply of highly qualified SBAE teachers
  • Advance SBAE teachers in Arizona

Strategies to achieve goal:

  1. Establish curriculum partnerships with academic units in CALES.

  2. Integrate current research on teaching and learning within instruction and service.

  3. Strengthen connections with formal and non-formal education stakeholders.

  4. Investigate opportunities to advance undergraduate and graduate instruction in high needs areas.

  5. Model and promote the use of inclusive pedagogy.

  6. Maintain an approved teacher preparation accreditation with Arizona Department of Education.

Actions to Achieve Goal: 

  • Work with the Arizona Department of Education (ADE) teacher certification. (Ongoing)

  • Work with Local Education Agencies (LEAs) and CTE Directors. (Ongoing)

  • Prepare a suite of CTE professional knowledge courses for online delivery. (FY22) 

  • Increase marketing and awareness of curriculum and/or career pathways. (Ongoing)

  • Partnership with LEA/ADE/JTED (Joint Technical Education Districts)/Alumni. (Ongoing)

  • Promote and enhance the Accelerated Master’s Program (AMP) for CTE Teacher

    Certification with other units. (Ongoing)

  • Provide professional growth opportunities for SBAE teachers through induction

    activities. (Ongoing)

  • Advance agricultural literacy topics among consumers. (Ongoing)

  • Integrate the CASE curriculum into the plan of study. (Ongoing)

  • To seek approval of an academic minor in Agriculture and Life Science Education. (Ongoing)

  • Identify and articulate the essential competencies associated and desired for this curriculum path. (FY22)

Inputs needed to achieve the goal:

  • Marketing and promotional materials and venues

  • Collaboration with other CALES units, LEA, ADE, JTED, and Alumni

  • Stakeholder group support & Arizona Teachers Academy Funding