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The Leadership and Communication option prepares students to become effective leaders, ambassadors, and/or advocates for the agricultural industry at local, state, national, and international levels. Students pursue a course of study that is multidisciplinary providing them with a strong foundation in the agricultural sciences and natural resources, as well as transferable skills in leadership and communication. In addition to completing general education requirements, the option allows students to enroll in a breadth of coursework in technical agriculture areas such as agricultural mechanics, agricultural resource economics, animal science, entomology, plant, and soil sciences. Concurrently, students complete professional course work in areas of leadership and communication, as a focus.


An emphasis on a core of leadership and communication courses drives the professional coursework that includes youth leadership development, leadership principles and practices, team and organizational leadership, communicating knowledge in agriculture, and technology management. Additionally, students have the flexibility to develop an area of specialization in one of many selected technical agriculture areas. 


Internship and Field Experiences

Students enrich their professional and technical preparation by participating in one or more internship experiences and/or a defined field experiences during their junior or senior year. Internships provide students an opportunity to link theory with practice and further serve as a temporary labor pool for those agencies that have committed to participate in the internship program. The leadership and communication internships focus on experiences in non-formal teaching, professional presentations, leadership and management of projects, as well as experience in communicating with various audiences within the agricultural and related industries. 


Option Specific Course Requirements

ALC 309 Leadership Principles and Practices 
ALC 409 Team and Organizational Leadership 
ALC 410 Entrepreneurial Leadership in Agriculture and the Life Sciences 
ALC 411 Principles and Applications of Organizational Innovation
ENGL 307 OR 308 Technical/Business Writing 
ALC 497 Internship
Plant Science 2 courses
Animal Science 2 courses


Related Career Areas for Graduates

  • Extension Agent
  • Agricultural Lobbyist
  • Agricultural Literacy and Advocacy Specialist
  • Agriculture-related Media and Publications
  • Advisor: Government / Stakeholder Relations
  • Corporate Recruiter
  • Farm Service Agency Representative
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Community Change Agent


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