Community Innovation Minor 

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The AETI Community Innovation Minor prepares students in any discipline to apply the principles from their majors to community innovation system development. Community innovation systems are broadly defined as the economic, educational, and socio-political bases, networks, and resources that influence the quality of life and capacity for growth, resiliency, and vibrancy in local and regional communities/economies. Through active and project-based learning, students completing the minor will have the opportunity to learn in partnership with students from other fields of study and with mentoring from community leaders, extension professionals, faculty, and innovators from a range of fields and sectors.

Students can expect to develop a rich understanding of how various organizations and cross-sector alliances converge to create and influence the economic, educational, and socio-political conditions and factors that foster (or hinder) community-wide innovation. Learning experiences are supported by core faculty who have academic expertise, professional experience, and extensive networks that span community innovation, entrepreneurial leadership, extension education/outreach, localism, and rural studies. Through modeling and multiple interactive learning methods, students practice analytical and critical thinking, collaboration and teamwork, data-informed decision making, and strategic communication to enhance their own ability to engage and lead in community innovation and system development, especially in rural and remote locales and regions

Complete the following courses (12 units): 

AREC 210 Understanding the World of Commerce 
AREC 315 Agribusiness Economics and Management
ALC 411 Principles and Applications of Organizational Innovation 
ALC 422 Communicating Knowledge in Agriculture and the Life Sciences OR AED 437 Methods of Facilitating Learning


Community Innovation Electives (complete 1 course (3 units) from the following): 

ALC 309 Leadership Principles and Practices
ALC 409 Team and Organizational Leadership
ALC 493 Internship (must have AETI community innovation faculty pre-approval)


Community Innovation Capstone (project-based, 3 units): 

ALC 410 Entrepreneurial Leadership in Agriculture and the Life Sciences



Students interested in declaring a minor in AGTE must meet with an academic advisor in the Department of Agricultural Education Technology and Innovation. 

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