ALC Courses

ALC  409: Team and Organizational Leadership

In the decades to come, Millennials and Gen-Z workers will make up much of the American workforce. With both generations being known to value collaboration over competition, as employers, they understand the importance of teamwork, and are attracted to employees that help form a culture reflective of that. As such, teamwork is one of the most sought-after skills in the workplace. It brings together colleagues with varied experiences, skills, and work histories, to in turn create a fertile ground for brainstorming, creative problem-solving, innovation, and solution-driven thinking.

ALC 409 empowers students to identify and strengthen talents through a carefully charted, practical journey in interpersonal leadership development. In this course, each student will gain the competencies and skills associated with team dynamics used to meet today’s challenges. Students will then come away with the ability to recognize team roles and responsibilities, apply persuasion and influence, manage team conflict, and exercise situational, transactional, and transformational leadership. Anchored in a semester-long  service-learning project, students will actively apply, reflect, and evaluate their development of interpersonal leadership skills through project planning, coordination, execution, and presentation.

Interpersonal leadership skills are relevant to all students who aspire to work with others, lead a team, and/or an organization. Master these principles and practices, and set yourself apart amongst top employers.

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ALC 410/510: Entrepreneurial Leadership in Agriculture and the Life Science

The value of an entrepreneurial mindset is skyrocketing! Employers across all industries and sectors are in search of graduates with a capacity to think and act in entrepreneurial ways. Likewise, the need for entrepreneurial leaders who are equipped to develop and act on innovative solutions to the challenges that communities and our environment face has never been greater.

ALC 410 helps you develop and enhance the skills and competencies that characterize the entrepreneurial mindset: creativity, critical thinking and analysis, data-informed decision-making, innovative solution development, market and needs assessment, and strategic communication and storytelling. The course is project-based to include  a range of active and collaborative learning experiences in one of the most unique settings on campus: The Innovation Collaboratory—home of the whiteboard ping-pong table!

Learning the entrepreneurial mindset and gaining entrepreneurial leadership skills is relevant to everyone, especially students who aspire to be:

  • agriculturalists
  • community developers
  • conservationists
  • educators
  • engineers
  • nutritionists
  • physicians
  • scientists
  • veterinarians
  • any other career path in which you want to be a leader of change and have an impact on others!

This low-enrollment course fills quickly, so register through UAccess today!

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