Congratulations, Dr Hodges!

Oct. 28, 2021

Tanya Hodges

UAAA Sidney S. Woods Alumni Service Award

In 2007, Dr. Tanya Hodges began working for the University of Arizona as the regional academic coordinator for the Yuma distance campus, supporting students living in La Paz, Imperial, and Yuma counties. She was charged with growing the university's Yuma campus by working with local industries and agencies to identify and bring local bachelor’s degrees to support the regional workforce. Today, Tanya manages and provides student and faculty support for the 20 majors that offer degrees to Yuma students. Additionally, she teaches upper-level courses in agriculture systems management and plant sciences. 


Tanya is a College of Agriculture and Life Sciences alumna receiving both a Bachelor of Science and Master of Education in Agricultural Education. She earned her Doctor of Education degree in Innovation and Leadership from Arizona State University. 


Prior to working for UA, Tanya worked in the agriculture industry for 16 years. She served for three terms as president of the Yuma County Farm Bureau, the only woman to attain that position to date, and on the Women’s Governors Board under Janet Napolitano. 


In 2006, she was selected Yuma County Farmer of the Year. CALS has awarded her its Young Achievers Award in 1998 and Outstanding Achievement Award in 2010. She recently was recognized with the UA Award for Excellence.

The UAAA Sidney S. Woods Alumni Service Award was presented earlier this month. Thank you, Tanya, for your service to our university and to the state of Arizona.

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