CTE Administrator Certificate

The Career and Technical Education Administrator certificate is designed to provide individuals with foundational knowledge in career and technical education theory, philosophy, and practice, preparing individuals to be knowledgeable and effective career and technical education administrators in local school districts.  The certificate is articulated with the educational leadership administrative certification program offered through the College of Education.  The coursework may meet the requirements to lead to Supervisor certification through the Arizona Department of Education; two of the courses articulate with the principal certification program.  The certificate is a hybrid learning program; a combination of on campus and distance-based coursework.

Certificate Courses

EDL 560 Trends in Educational Leadership

3 credits • Fall 2021 

This class is an introduction to the foundations of educational administration and leadership. An open social-systems model of schools provides the theoretical framework that organizes and relates this theory and research to educational administration practice.


CTE 400/500 Principles and Philosophy of Career and Technical Education

2 credits • Summer 2021 (Five Week - Second) 

Understanding the historical social and economic values of career and technical education through investigation of federal laws, and state policies. As well as, developing a symbiotic philosophy with administration, theories, and principles in mind in regards to programs in the secondary school.


CTE 410/510 Curriculum Development in Career and Technical Education

2 credits • Fall 2021 (Seven Week - Second)

Creating an understanding for the development of robust classroom curriculum, aligned with Arizona State and CTE standards, and incorporating learning devices geared for student success. This development process will focus on the total program within CTE, and assist in planning year-long curriculum maps with an emphasis on writing objectives, cross walking standards, and elaboration on objective building for full lesson creation and implementation. Lesson content and teaching methods will be tailored into the next course of CTE 420/520. 


CTE 420/520 Classroom Instructional Development for Career and Technical Education

2 credits • Fall 2021 (Seven Week - Second)

Implementing principles of teaching and learning based on classroom instruction objectives, as well as, development of content for lesson planning. Based on contextual needs within specific CTE programming, methodology, instruction techniques, and assessments will be developed. Basic classroom management skills will also be compared. 


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